Susi has had a passion for dogs all of her life. Being the owner of two very shy and sensitive German Shepherd Dogs, Roro and Dallas, she has been motivated to become a Positive Reinforcement Trainer to ensure her dogs have the best fulfilled life they deserve. Susi believes that Positive Reinforcement is the most effective and fairest way to establish a forever bond with your dog and teaches them to be part of your family. Since most people do not speak "dog" and dogs do not speak "English", Susi will teach you to understand and communicate clearly with your dog.

Susi started training as a Volunteer Mentor and Canine Companion at the Oakland SPCA and soon became a dog trainer and Mentor at the Dublin Petco, where she received her training certification in June 2010.

Susi is the proud co-founder of The Dog School in Pleasanton that was established in October 2011 to 2014. She is now the owner and head trainer at Dog Soul located at 39 California Ave # 301 in Pleasanton, California.

Susi is a member of the East Bay Dog Trainers, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers and The Pet Professional Guild.

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