HI!!!!!!!! My name is Madison and I am a black dog. Thatís really about all we know. You see my Momma and Daddy believe in rescue dogs. Thatís also part of the problem. Since we donít know what I am it is kinda hard to figure out why I do the crazy things that I do. Enter Miss Susi. My Momma was ready to kick me to the curb when we found her. Wow, did she make a difference. My Momma and I have done both group and private lessons with Miss Susi for over 2 years. Miss Susi teaches Momma and me how to Ďtalkí to each other better. See if I know what Momma wants, I will probably do it. Well, mostly anyway. Sometimes we even have Miss Susi come over to our house so she can see the crazy antics I go through. We are now working on trying to get me so that I donít get so upset when Daddy fires up the Harley. Thatís real scary.

As a veteran of DogSoul I highly recommend Miss Susi to all you crazy doggies out there. She can help you communicate with your Momma and Daddy better so that you can have a long and wonderful life together.

Melody and Morgan

About 18 months ago, when I was two, me and mommy decided dat I should take classes to help me be a better ambassadoggie fur my American Pit Bull Terrier. You see, we are a berry misunderstood breed of doggie and I wanted to change person at a time! Sure, I took all da puppy classes at da pet store but dey were impersonal so we went looking fur someone speschel. And we found 'Auntie' Susi! She totally understood me and thought dat 'real world training' would be best fur me. All my classes were held outside where I was able to interact with other doggies and people and learn how to deal with day-to-day situations like motorcycles, softball games and lotz of kids! It was just PAWsome and I gwaduated at da top of my class! If you are looking fur a trainer with gweat skills and a wonderbull heart, I highly recommend 'Auntie' Susi! She iz da best!

Laura and Icarus

We had waited years to get a wonderful companion pet. When he arrived at 4 months, he was limited in what he knew to do and more interested in playing and napping than learning how to sit, stay, roll over or anything else. Susi was contacted and arrived with nothing more than a few treats and a spirit of enthusiasm and patience. Within 15 minutes, our pup was sitting and learning his second command. She left us after an hour with a dog who now knew how to sit, stay and walk alongside of us without trouble. What Susi accomplished in a few sessions is generally the result of months of arduous group training techniques in a frenzy of pet owners and dogs. We experienced a comfortable environment with real love and respect for our pet as well as someone who honored our time. I have and continue to recommend Susi and her training to anyone I know who is in need of it.

Debbie and Angel

I am the proud owner of Angel, a Lab/Husky mix. With just a couple of private lessons, Susi has made a very positive difference in our lives. Susi's love of dogs, and belief in positive reinforcement makes all the difference in training dogs....and us humans too! I highly recommend Susi.

Cyndi and Rouge

I wanted to take classes with my 9yr old Doberman, Rogue when I learned she had lymphoma. I wanted to spend as much time as possible doing activities she enjoyed, and she loved the food, time with me, and opportunity to learn that training provided. I called Susi at Dog Soul and she completely understood what I was looking for. She suggested I sign up for Family Dog I. Rogue and I went almost every week for the next 15 months. It's a 6 week drop-in class but Susi understood and invited us to keep coming. I saw many dogs go through the class. I was always very impressed at how well Susi remembered each dog & their owners. She remembered everyone's strengths and weaknesses and helped them accordingly. Although everyone learned the same key skills, the individual attention made it seem like one-on-one training. Rogue loved going to training and Susi in particular. In fact, after our last class Rogue insisted on going back in to spend a little more time with Susi and (we think) to say goodbye. I'm so glad I found Dog Soul. I doubt we would have had such a great experience anywhere else. I wouldn't consider taking a dog anywhere else!

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